Attending lessons about entrepreneurship 

The Greek teachers of 1st High school of Cholargos taking part in Erasmus project have attended two day classes on the subject of entrepreneurship organized by environmental section of educational public office in a port town of Attica, Lavrio. They learned about healthy way of living, healthy food and how to make natural products from the resources of their county. They also worked on groups designing logo suitable for a school company and making products from oil olive, fruits, honey and herbs.  These lessons were very useful to Greek teachers as they provided them with theoretical and practical knowledge they need in order to conduct their students in Erasmus activities.   

Workshops at school for creating our mini company logo 

The main activity of Erasmus projects is to create a school mini company. So, we necessarily need a logo for it. Students of 1st High School of Cholargos worked on groups trying to design a suitable logo for their company. They haven’t decided yet which will be the final one.

Making traditional Christmas sweets with almonds 

Students of 1st High School of Cholargos participating in Erasmus project learned about traditional and healthy food by preparing traditional Greek sweets, kourabiedes, connected especially with Christmas period. The students had picked almonds from an almond tree near school a month ago. A couple of days before Christmas holiday, they made these sweets using the almonds they have already had and other ingredients and they baked them in school kitchen. Then they shared them with other students and teachers!